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    October 16, 2018 by Channa E.
  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    Following our announcement in September that SriCommerce is compelled to shut down its server
    hosting business in Sri Lanka, we have been approached by a number of our long-term clients who have
    inquired the ability for SriCommerce to remain in operations with a pricing adjustment.

    While SriCommerce has technical expertise and industry know-how, the challenge has been the
    escalating value of US Dollar against the Sri Lanka Rupee, which we have pegged at Rs. 100, but is over
    Rs. 170 now and climbing. Hence, our response was that we could continue to offer the server hosting
    services if the clients can pay a fixed US Dollar amount, at whichever market rate for US Dollar each
    month. Given the current rate we felt that it will be a steep increase and we were not sure if our clients
    would accept such pricing model change and hence decided to close the doors.

    However, most clients who reached out to us infirmed that they are willing to pay for the services at current US Dollar Rate. Hence, we have decided to do an evaluation on how many of our clients can afford a shift to a pricing model where we charge for the US Dollar at market rate and see if the client who can covert to that model justifies an effort to continue the business.

    Please reply if you feel you can convert to the pricing model where you pay for the server hosting
    services of SriCommerce at US Dollar market rate – which essentially mean an immediate jump of
    around 70% of your monthly rate and will likely increase/decrease month by month as US Dollar
    appreciates or depreciates against Sri Lankan Rupee.
    We will also try to reach you in person and discuss your decision.
    Once we figure out the response rate and client’s decisions, we will promptly advise you of the next
    We gratefully appreciate your response and feedback and as always value your business.
    Please advise.
    Thank You.
    SriCommecerce Inc.

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