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  • BACKUP Your web site.!

    August 21, 2012 by Sri Commerce
  • Subscribe for BACKUP SERVICE and make sure that your file system and data bases will not loss if you've accidentally edited or removed. We'll restore your account within few minutes from early day backup stored at our backup servers..

    No more headache for backup and recover !

    Assurance, Guarantee and Validation are what you always get from SriCommerce while being a valued client. Though you work closely and monitor your files carefully, a small mistake can clear out the total bundle of the files and you are left with no data, that you need to start from the scratch.

    Therefore, SriCommerce is to launch the Backup service so that the client should never have to manage the back end storage repositories in order to backup and recover data.

    New clients can subscribe for Backup service at their sign up (optionally) and the existing clients can enable the service for their account just by sending us an email or simply through the dashboard of their profile.

    You can ask for backups at any given time during the year and we shall restore your account with the files you had until the previous day.

    There will be a reasonable per account based annual charge of $20 for the backup service.

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