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  • VEH re-branded! Everything is same except our new identity.

    April 9, 2012 by Sri Commerce
  • - VE Holdings re-branded ! 
    Everything is same except our new identity. 

    Dear valued clients, 
    It is with great pleasure we announce the launch of SriCommerce.Com - SINHALAYA WORLDWIDE inc, subsidised web hosting company. SriCommerce.Com is the re-branded Vision Explore Holdings ( - which was known to you since 2002.

    Nothing to worry, you will continue to receive the same cordial support you have been receiving from us throughout; The management, staff and the procedures are same as earlier and its just that we have changed our identity.  

    I am sure that you'll be wondering about our new opportunities, implements, updates and privileges to our valued clients like you through our "brand new identity" of SriCommerce.Com 

    Now you will have the chance to contact our support, billing or technical departments with our new contacts including live support system. Visit - and follow the menu called "CONTACT US".

    However, Please note down our new contact details by clicking here

    # You may login to your profile via "Client Login" link at our brand new portal and your authenticating (user, email, passwords etc,) details are same as used for 

    Yours sincerely, 

    SriCommerce.Com  - an incentive partnership for eCommerce..

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