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  • OFFER: web space and bandwidth limits upgraded by 300% for all plans.!

    February 25, 2011 by Sri Commerce
  • As our valued clients, you are aware that we, SINHALAYA Web Services always come up with business-friendly offers which both you and your client benefit. This time we have a yet another smart idea. That is, to upgrade your existing package with 300% disk space and 300% bandwidth.!

    And the most exciting thing is, you do not have to pay even a cent extra.
    We know that this is simply unbelievable but believe it. 

    *** With this amazing offer, you will get 3 times more disk space and 3 times more bandwidth for the same price.

    Pack300 (old) 1GB space, 10GB Bandwidth (NEW) 3GB space, 30GB Bandwidth
    Pack500 (old) 2GB space, 20GB Bandwidth (NEW) 6GB space, 60GB Bandwidth
    Pack1000 (old) 5GB space, 50GB Bandwidth (NEW) 15GB space, 150GB Bandwidth
    Pack2000 (old) 10GB space, 100GB Bandwidth (NEW) 30GB space, 300GB Bandwidth
    Isn't this amazing ?

    *** Kindly note that this upgrade will be available for the existing clients with their next renewal and will not downgrade any package when applied this free resource upgrades. 


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