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  • Negotiate Before It's Too Late

    August 14, 2010 by Sri Commerce
  • Dear Clients,
    Usually, we are much sensitive about your business and capacities while dealing with us in a good manner.. So, we kindly remind you to negotiate with us anytime for following issues and we may support you as our best capacities at those moments (depends) Also, we strongly hope this action will be avoid most f unnecessary problems between both of us.

    - If cannot settle an invoice to it's due date when unavoidable circumstances.
    - If you need special services before the settlements when unavoidable circumstances.
    - If need additional assistance beyond our service supports.
    - If need a special credit to settle an invoice period when unavoidable circumstances.

    For your carefully concern:
    The above incidents which related to invoice/payments settlements ONLY will be applicable IF YOU NEGOTIATED WITH US BEFORE AT LEAST 7 DAYS TO THE DUE DATE OF INVOICE(S)..

    When the negotiations, our decisions might be depends on a circumstances at the moment. however we try to assist you as our best.

    Please concern that "your all negotiations" (which mentioned above) with us will be "NOT AS A RIGHT" since actually "ONLY AS A PRIVILEGE"

    Yours Sincerely,
    The Billing Dept,

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